Love Blooms Here Partners With Local Organizations To Deliver Peace Flowers On Mother’s Day

Annamaria Leon, Love Blooms Here Co-Founder, partnered with Purpose Over Pain, Southside Blooms and Chicago Peace Fellows to provide bouquets to mothers of violence victims on Mother’s Day. This incredible act of generosity was covered by ABC 7 Chicago. You can watch ABC 7’s report here.

In addition to the ABC 7 coverage, Chicago’s Goldin Institute noted, “Annamaria, Co-owner of Homan Grown [now Love Blooms Here], saw a collaboration in the making. She noted how this idea can be more than just a single action but, can be a part of a broader strategy to support mothers and fund projects for the Chicago Peace Fellows.”

The team of Chicago change makers made a GoFundMe page to fund the endeavor, setting out to raise $1,500. When all was said and done they were able to raise over $5,000. Additional funds were contributed to, “mutual aid projects driven by the fellows for addressing coronavirus,” Block Club Chicago reported.

The bouquets were hand delivered by Annamaria, South Side Blooms and Burell Poe, the Director of Chicago Peace Fellows.

This random act of generosity was certainly felt throughout the West and South side of Chicago with 77 Mothers receiving flowers. Elizabeth Bolden, a Mother’s Day flower recipient, told ABC, “Wonderful. Wonderful, it really made my day.”